Lowes: An excellent place to shoplift!

People!  Christmas is coming and I know, because of the economy, it’s not easy to get dear old dad that nifty Dewalt power tool he’s been wanting.  Well, now you don’t have to worry!  Just go to the Lowes Store in Kentucky and steal it!  Seriously!  They don’t care.  In fact, if a brave, menopausal woman who works there should try to stop you?  She’ll be fired!  Yeah!  Take a hike, granny!  We like it when people rip us off.

I’m telling you, people, I don’t usually get all on the soap box, here in this blog, but C’MON!  I think Karen Sizemore should be getting a plaque, not the sack!  They’re just lucky I wasn’t the old lady who saw this jerk stealing that tool.  I’d have been tempted to use it on him in creative and painful ways not intended by the manufacturer.

But alas, that might make me a big meany, huh?

Full details on this ridiculous story below:

When Lowe’s employee Karen Sizemore saw a man shoplifting from her Kentucky store, she says she snapped: “It was just the adrenaline rush, I’m not taking it anymore. You just get to the point where you’re so tired of people stealing from you.” So Karen, a grandmother and 18-year employee of the chain, followed the thief out to his car and reached into the backseat trying to retrieve the Dewalt tool kit, valued at $600. She wasn’t able to get it but she did get the man’s license plate number and car make, leading to his arrest. The incident made her a minor celebrity in town and with her coworkers, who nicknamed her “Rambo.” But the pursuit also backfired, when Karen was fired this week. Fighting back tears she explains, “their explanation was I put myself and other people in danger and they fired me.” Lowe’s issued a public statement: “Our policies are in place for the safety of our workers. We have very specific guidelines when it comes to handling potential shoplifters, to ensure the well being of not only our team but our customers.” The corporate office has since added that they will further investigate the incident.  

I LOVE YA, KAREN SIZEMORE!  You are my hero.  Wish there were more out there, just like you!


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8 responses to “Lowes: An excellent place to shoplift!

  1. jay

    email lowes and bitch i did, and i shop at one alot

  2. Pingback: Lowe’s Fires Grandma Who Chased Shoplifter

  3. Karen Sizemore

    This is Karen Sizemore. One of my daughters just called me and told me that I had to read your blog because you had made a post about me and I just want to thank you so much for sharing my story. I am still is total disbelief that this has happened but I am so touched by the compassion that so many people have shown.
    When my daughter first told me that she had contacted one of our news stations here in Kentucky to tell them what had happened with Lowe’s, I really did not expect others to care, but the response has been very overwhelming. I never knew that so many people would be so supportive of some woman that they have never met.
    I just really want you to know that I truly appreciate you sharing my story and thank you for your support.

  4. Karen! You are MORE than welcome and we here at toohotmamas look up to amazing women like you. If Home Depot was smart, they’d snap you up and make you their poster child! Congratulations on your celebrity, and know that you did what most of only dream of doing. Thanks for the great example! Carolyn

  5. Grace

    Karen you will get your job back. Lowes will be hounded until they hire you back.. And you just might get a raise. Wake up Lowes and change your policy’s. We need more butt kickers out there and maybe we will see less theft You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Carolyn, I was about to say the same thing…Home Depot could score a HUGE win by hiring Karen!

  7. (In fact Karen, when Lowes offers you your job back….and they will….tell them….”Nawwww…..I start at Home Depot on Thursday…..they said something about a press conference as well….not sure what that means”)

  8. Hi Everyone, My name is Angela and I am Karen Sizemore’s daughter. I just want everyone to know that we are touched by the support that so many people have shown my mother. I have started petition that will be sent to the CEO of Lowe’s and I am asking that people who support please sign it. Again, thank you so very much. Angela

    Lowe’s fired a grandmother after 18 years of dedicated employment for helping catch a shoplifter she witnessed stealing a $600 tool kit. Since corporate companies have turned their backs on their courageous employees, lets turn our backs on them and support this hero!

    That’s why I created a petition to Robert A. Niblock, First Vice Chairman, Chairman, President & CEO, which says:

    “Lowe’s fired a grandmother after 18 years of dedicated employment for helping catch a shoplifter she witnessed stealing a $600 tool kit. Since corporate companies have turned their backs on their courageous employees, lets turn our backs on them and support this hero!”

    Will you sign my petition? Click here to add your name:



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