Daily Archives: February 1, 2010

Hello world!

Hey, Wendy:

Well, here it is.  Ta-da.  I managed to actually launch a Blog for us without the help of a 6-year-old or the Geek Squad.  I hope the picture of me, sitting in bed with my laptop is okay with you. 

So far, I find this Blogging thing very similar to shopping with money.  When I am broke I can go to a store and find 50 things I want to buy.  But if I have money, I can’t find anything I want.  Same with blogging.  Before we actually had a blog I thought maybe I had something to say on the subject of menopause, marriage and motherhood.  But now that we have this blog…not so much.

z;opcihvg’ aerzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The dog just walked over the keyboard.  At least someone has something to say.  Oh, and I still can’t figure out if that little snowflake deal is permanent, or we can somehow post our pictures there.  Not that I want my picture there.  Maybe we should put the dog’s picture there.  She seems to like this whole Blogging scene.  Maybe we should give her a column.  Dog Blog.   Some dog’s probably already done that. 




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