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Just got an e-mail from a college friend.  She proposed that with all the negative news on shows like CNN, people must be rushing out to buy romance novels and she pictures me “prosperous, delighted and rolling in abundance.”  I’m rolling, alright.  ROFLMAO.

I haven’t written back yet.  Printing the truth in black and white could require a Margarita drip…except that I don’t drink, so maybe a cake?  The big kind, from Costco.  The whole thing.

Being a broke artist at twenty was exhilarating.  Being a struggling artist at thirty was motivating.  At forty–a great spiritual growth experience.   At forty-eight?  It sorta bites.

Here’s the thing.  Ever since menopause and the disappearance of my jaw line (how is it you have still have a sculpted jaw, Carolyn?  If you’re getting nipped without telling me, I’m gonna get upset)…anyway, ever since menopause and, let’s face it, the myriad physical changes (and that brings me to why it’s REALLY called “the change,” but that’s another blog), I feel, well, grief when I think of the expectations I had and the reality I live.  The reality is GOOD, GREAT in so many ways, but…different.  And there is grief involved in its acceptance.   Grief in letting go of so much.  All those delicious delusions of grandeur.  I really liked those.

Anyway, I know this menopause thing is a marvelous opportunity to grow.  To find the endless summer within.  And I’ll do that.  Uh huh.  Right after we win the Pillsbury Bake-Off, hit the NYT list and join a gym to sculpt age-defying muscles.    Denial first, acceptance later.  😀

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February is “Stomach Flu Month”


You’re doing good!  You actually got on and made a comment!  I can see you are frustrated.  Don’t worry, I’m sure that behind every Menopausal Blogger, stands an adolescent with a pocket protector.  Grab the paper boy or your babysitter and force one of them to help.

Anyhow, we’re all squeezy here today.  My doctor once told me that February is Stomach Flu Month, which made me laugh, because how would a virus know the date?  Well, slap my face and call me Earl, cuz she was right.  Just like clockwork, everyone at our house got a splitting headache on…February 1st!  By the second, my oldest daughter was spewing.  Then, number one son.  Then, husband.  The rest of the kids are complaining of headaches, (but I think one of them secretly feels great, she just doesn’t want to do the dishes) and saying their stomach’s hurt.

I was thinking about asking one of the kids to lick me, as the stomach flu is a quick and easy way to lose several pounds, and bathing suit season is just around the corner.


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