The Dance

Last night Libbi and I had a “sleepover” in the living room, kicked off by a dance party.

She really let loose on Just Around The River Bend from Pochahantas.  Hair swinging, body arching forward and back, arms and legs swaying like tree branches in the wind, her whole body interpreting.  It was pure creativity, unfettered by concern over technique or self-consciousness.  It was joy.

Suddenly I felt as if I were in college again, where we did what we did because we loved it.  Everything to gain and nothing to lose.  (At least in the fine arts department. )

Do you still have something in your life that feels like that? Something you fling yourself into out of sheer love, allowing your heart to choose your steps?

Is anyone out there reading this? If you are, I’d love to know: Now that you’re all grown up, do you feel that way about something in your life?

Here’s another question for you:  Does turning a passion into a vocation necessarily alter our experience of the things we love to do?  Is there a benefit to making one’s passion a hobby rather than a career?

What do you think?

Now that I’m “of an age,” my relationships are becoming more and more my passion.  When I’m in the moment, looking into my daughter’s eyes as I answer her questions or listen to her stories, really watching her during her nightly gymnastics exhibition off the sofa–instead of trying to clean my purse, sneak in a little computer time or otherwise “catch up” when I could be fully present–I feel joy.  And contentment.

I have more to say (what a surprise), but my daughter just came into the room.  And I don’t want to miss this moment.



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4 responses to “The Dance

  1. I feel like a child every time I spend time in my garden. Whether in my hammock or hanging clothes on the clothesline I’m in heaven…..! I only wish I lived in a climate that let me garden 12 months a year.

    • Toki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      My fave photographer!!!!! How are you?

      Love what you said about your garden. I felt like heaven when I was in your garden, too. 😀 In my own garden with all the brown plants crying out, “What did I ever do to you?” I get a little tense.

      Hope to see you sometime soon!


  2. When I’m doing it right, each day is a passion to me. My friends, my family, my camera, my garden…and, most of the time, right now for instance, my writing. When I’m pushing too hard, it mostly goes down the drain. And then, you get to pick me up and dust me off 😀

    I would love to turn my passion for writing into a vocation, with the cautious note…play by no one’s rules but my own, don’t overwhelm myself with others’ expectations, remember to fly free and tell the story that’s dying to be told. And, set myself free every day.

    That’s me 🙂

  3. Kar58n

    Dearest Wend–
    Aww, passion. Now isn’t that what its all about? Passion for the moment. Isn’t it a glorious feel58ing? Today, I was actually out exercising on the bike path (by the dog park) with my Ipod and music that really touches me (Bad to The Bone58) and everything just looked a little brighter, more vibrant, in touch. Could be I was just hyperventilating…. Anyways, forget it, I’m NOT telling you my age. Love & miss you, dear Nutkin, K

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