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The Thigh Master

Well.  I have to bow to Suzanne Somers’ greater success with menopause.  She is, apparently, sleeping, having sex, increasing bone density, improving her memory and looking younger every day.  SO WHY IS SHE AIR-BRUSHED ON THE COVER OF THAT BOOK, CAROLYN???  Answer me that.

And those lips?  Plump from bio-identical hormones or collagen injections?  I mean, how do we know what’s really working?  We don’t even know whether Courtney Cox is twenty, forty or sixty.  Meg Ryan could be a centenarian.  But we’ll never know, BECAUSE NO ONE AGES ANYMORE.

It’s not easy being one of only two menopausal mothers in my daughter’s first grade.  The other moms arrive at pick-up in their sweats, with a healthy glow from their workouts.  I’m usually in the middle of a hot flash.   I mentioned that once, and they tilted their heads like, “Huh?”  They thought menopause was an urban legend.

Aging is not an easy road, but someone’s gotta do it.    Suzanne Somers has obviously dropped the ball.  I’m just sayin’.


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