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Guns ‘n Menopause

The 36th symptom of Menopause is a sudden fascination with small firearms.



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Please don’t jump the gun

WHOA, Lady!

Are you saying that my extra five pounds (okay, ten; climb off) are not due to menopause if I can trace them back…oh, forty years or so?  Really?

How about my irritability? Memory problems?  I had the damnedest time  with the fourth-grade spelling bee.

Maybe I’m not even in menopause!  I mean, I didn’t have a period when I was a kid, either.  I’m young again!!!!!

Is that what you mean?  We think we’re going through The Change, but, really, we are who we’ve always been.

I always had a little line between my brows when I smiled…so I’m not really wrinkled–


The entire theory just fell apart.

Back to the drawing board….



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