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It’s 3 A.M. Time for tea.

Hey, Carolyn

Do you know you have Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea in one of your kitchen drawers?  It’s squished behind some other stuff.

Note to people who aren’t Carolyn:  I discovered the tea, because we write at her house when school is out.  Gives my daughter a chance to have siblings-for-a-day and gives her kids fresh blood.  And, yes, I went through her cabinets without asking; she likes it.  Plus, now that she’s menopausal, she can’t remember that I’ve done it.  I’ve eaten lots of good stuff she didn’t remember she had.

Anyway, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea!  It smells sooooo good!

I gave up sugar weeks ago.  In addition to its addictive properties , white sugar increases hot flashes and anxiety.  Did you know that?  So I figured I’d sleep better if I wasn’t lying in bed with white sugar coursing through my system, making me hotter and more hyped up than sex ever did.  (Kidding, sweetheart, if you’re reading this. )

Well, abstaining from sugar did NOT help my sleep.  I was still getting up at 3 a.m.  Wide awake.  Child asleep in next room and due to leap from her bed–with almost maniacal energy– in a few hours, just as I finally got sleepy again.  Menopausal sleep deprivation is probably the reason women were committed to insane asylums prior to Estrogen Replacement Therapy.

Since my doctor advised me against ERT, I asked a lovely, rested-looking Asian friend of mine how she was getting through menopause so well.

“We don’t have menopause in my country,” she answered with a sweet smile.

Come again?  “Aren’t you getting hot flashes?”

She tilted her head, considering.  “Mmm…one, maybe?  I’m not sure.”

Not sure?  Not sure that you are about to explode in your bed, setting the walls on fire and burning your entire neighborhood up in a conflagration bigger than anything Irwin Allen ever conceived?  Really?

I asked her what, in her estimation, contributed to the ease with which she was navigating The Change.

She considered again.  “I think…Americans eat too much sugar.”

Okay.  I miss sugar.  But maybe abstinence will have a cumulative effect.

I’m taking some of that tea home, Carolyn.  It smells just like fresh-baked cookies.  And when I wake up at 3 A.M., I’m going to eat two bags.

You’re welcome to join me.




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