Bad Hair

Wendy and Carolyn Do Hawaii


Carolyn and Wendy Do Hawaii
The 35 Symptoms of Menopause: A continuing education.  Today, we explore Symptom #26:

Hair loss or thinning head or pubic hair.  Increase in facial or whole body hair.

So many of our friends complain about this symptom.  The hair falls off the head and seems to just explode out of everywhere else. 
So, girls.  How do we get rid of unwanted hair without the hideous pain of waxing / electrolysis and those horrible red bumps that come after shaving?  Well, after a LOT of debate–and experimentation–we’ve come to the conclusion that there is no solution.  Why are we fighting the inevitable, ladies? 
Let go of your inhibitions.  If you’ve got it, flaunt it.  Embrace your inner gorilla!  Oh, we’re not saying it will be easy.  The first time we hit the beach sporting our new hirsute look, we were a little bashful.  But as you can see by the video our husband’s shot, (above) after a couple Mai Tai’s we got into the rhythm. 
Carolyn and Wendy


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4 responses to “Bad Hair

  1. I love God’s sense of humor when it comes to facial hair on women. He included the poor eye site you also get so that you can’t see them on yourself. You only notice them on others. You can feel them and then you try to do the thumb-finger pinch and try to pull them out when you think no one is looking. My new best friend is my tweezer. The hair on your hoohaw thins out and start traveling to it’s new home up north. What’s up with that????

  2. Let me be the first to say, wish I were there :), but without the hirsute, lol!

  3. Linda Kearney

    Just wait. It gets worse.

  4. Ginger

    You two are hilarious! When I’ve had a particularly rough day I stop by to see what you’re blogging and end up ROFLMAO. Makes my day.

    Not that I can relate to anything you’re writing 🙂 But just let me say, it doesn’t hurt to tuck an extra tweezer in your purse. You can trim your bangs too short and wait forever for them to grow back, but lordy, those facial hairs seem to be bionic and can grow an inch between morning and lunchtime!!

    PS I want to know who’s husband donated their body for your video. Brave soul(s).

    Love you guys

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