Calendar Girls

The Locker Room: "Care for a healthy snack post workout?"

What’s up with women who like to clean out their purse/apply makeup/blow-dry/socialize in the locker room without a stitch of clothing on? Are you one of those? If so, please, explain yourself. Don’t get me wrong. A quick, naked dash from the locker to the shower, standing in your area, dressing, undressing, whatever. But naked chit-chat? Naked stretching? Naked application of nail polish? Don’t get it. 

Yesterday, after a traumatizing workout, I drag myself into the locker room only to be further traumatized by the nudist loitering in front of my locker. Awkward. She is bent over, doing something to her feet. Or her breasts. Don’t know which, since they were both in that…area. Couldn’t look. Too freaked out. She seemed to have no intention of dressing. No clothing anywhere in sight and a laissez faire attitude that screamed, “Hey, I grew up in the 60’s so deal with my carefree abandon”. I felt like a perv, trying to reach around her and retrieve my purse. 

How does one arrange one’s face when speaking to a nude stranger? How does one make small talk? “Hey, I love your… your…uh… your…” Where does one train one’s gaze? 

I’ve never been that uninhibited. Unless you count the times I was in labor with daughter number one and three. (Daughter two’s labor was kindly handled by another brave woman). When I was being stitched up by the doctor, everyone from the labor nurses to the computer maintenance guy seemed to pass through my room while my legs were strapped into stirrups and flung as far as east is from west. “Hey, what’d we have?” the custodian asked, leaning on his mop. “It’s a girl!” I crowed, not caring a fig about my nakedness, but then, remember, I was swacked out of my mind on drugs. 

What is the excuse for the locker room nudist? Are we too hot from all that exercise? Killed the ‘inhibition’ brain cells back at the commune? Fighting a vicious laundry soap allergy? Or is it just me? Am I simply a big party-pooper who has yet to find the joi de vivre in flaunting my flab? The ecstasy of blow-drying sans brassiere? The rapture of panty-less eye-shadow application? 

Yeah. Well. I can see I’m gonna have to loosen up. 




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3 responses to “Calendar Girls

  1. Betsy

    Totally agree Carolyn!!! That is why I actually drive home for my shower. I avert my eyes if I have to use the rest room, but today someone was right there-all naked and proud. Creeped me out. I can, however, go to a clothing optional beach and have no problem, but the locker room is a different story.

  2. Debbie Douglas

    You are right on…like when you swim, and these women’s towels are on their HEAD! Strolling through the locker room, gracious chatting to friends and relations, and I mean their NAKED!
    I also do the shower at home. Its the least I can do!

  3. Yeah, I don’t get it, either. You wanna cool off for a bit before getting dressed again, fine, I totally get that — but put on a wrap! I have this cute over-sized towel with a bow and Velcro I often use after a shower in the summer when it’s hot. I get to cool off sans clothes without flashing the neighbors or mailman, and no risk the towel will slip.

    I was in the locker room at work one day fixing a wardrobe malfunction and a gal stepped out of the shower and proceeded to do pretty much everything you talked about above, while still nude. 15 years later no matter how flattering and expensive her suit (she’s an executive) when I see her I still have nudie flashbacks.

    And now for a change of pace. Did you see there’s a controversy over this year’s winner of the Pillsbury Bake-Off? Some are complaining the mini ice cream cookie cups are too simple.
    Forget Poppin’ Fresh — go to Betty Crocker! — there’s still time to enter! 😉

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