Dem Bones

You know the movie An Affair to Remember with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr?  My mother showed it to me when I was a wee romantic thing, but if you’re not old enough to recall it, perhaps you’ve seen the remake with Annette Bening and Warren Beatty –titled Love Affair. And if you’re not old enough to remember that, then please Google PBS Kids while I take this moment to address my peers.

So, in An Affair to Remember/Love Affair, Deborah Kerr/Annette Bening falls in love with Cary Grant/Warren Beatty.   Alas, Deborah/Annette is already in a relationship, and Cary/Warren has never had a long-term relationship with anyone.  So they get it into their heads that if a suitable period of time goes by and they are still in love, they will meet at the top of the Empire State Building.  But when poor Deborah/Annette leaps from the cab to see if her lover is waiting for her, she runs smack in front of another car and BAM!  She’s paralyzed.  When her true love finds her and realizes she is injured for life, he asks, “What happened?”   She replies, “I was looking up.” (At the Empire State Building.)

Yeah, don’t do that.

Being the 48-year-old mother of a very energetic seven-year-old, I like to attempt to keep up.  I see the mothers of her classmates setting off on their morning bike rides after drop-off (they ride to the athletic club across the river where they work out for an hour or two before riding back home).  So when DD said, “Let’s chase fairies” after school one day, I set off on a jog after the fairies.   Over pavement, over lawns, over tree roots we ran, leaped and frolicked, pointing at the fairies flying over our heads until…BAM!  I fell.

I was looking up.

I broke my wrist and–long story short–it turns out I have osteoporosis.  Apparently, I’ve had it since I was 40, but missed the memo.  (I swear I thought the doctor said osteopoenia 8 years ago.)  Here comes the irony:  I spent most of my adult life trying to fit into a size 6.  For a dozen years (during my thirties and early forties), I was successful.  Apparently that was not such a good thing for my body.  The technician who did my DEXA scan 8 years ago told me, “If you weighed more, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

Well, I’ve been through menopause since then.  I weigh more now.  I’m a size ten again, the size I was always trying to whittle down.  I’m getting another DEXA scan in a couple of weeks and if the bone density in my hip has not improved or is worse, I will get to wear hip protectors–AKA, PADDING ON THE HIP–when I do something physical.  That’s right:  All that dieting back in my thirties has brought me back to size ten hips plus EXTRA PADDING.  Oh, the irony!

Please engage in regular weight-bearing exercise, dear readers.  Eliminate sodas and reduce sugar consumption (without dieting).  Eat plenty of greens and whatever else you do, DON’T LOOK UP.



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4 responses to “Dem Bones

  1. Shirley Karr

    Sorry for you, but thanks for the reminder. I was super diligent about taking calcium when I was pregnant because I was warned the baby would steal my calcium to form his bones, but have kind of slacked off since. Oh, and good to know there’s a benefit to being plus-size. 🙂 I have a skinny friend who has had bone density issues since her early 30’s.

    Since starting Jazzercise classes two years ago, I’ve learned I’m highly motivated by cheap little gifts. We just started a new challenge, and those who attend the minimum number of workouts by July 31 will win a tote bag and flip flops. I have more bags than I need and flip flops hurt my toes but I *want* that prize. 🙂

    • Too funny about your Jazzercise motivation! I like it!

      I’m getting another DEXA scan next week after which they’re going to give me lots more info about building bone! I’ll post if it’s fascinating.


  2. Wen – FAIRIES ARE EVIL!! Don’t chase them, they will cause you great harm – oh, wait – you already found that out the hard way, sorry! Please tell Libby that fairies are tripping unwary moms and that if she catches one, really bad things will happen. All right, all right, guess we don’t want to give her nightmares. But, I did read somewhere that fairies *are* evil and don’t like humans. Elves, on the other hand …

    Yes, calcium. No soda drinks, esp. the dark ones, they leach calcium from your system (or don’t let it absorb, I forget which, LOL!). Wish I could take calcium, but it hurts my stomach to the point of doubled-over pain, so I drink coffee with lots of milk in it. That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it 🙂

    • Libbi just asked the tooth fairy to please bring ALL the fairies to our house. She wants them to move in. I’ll her what you said Auntie Dar. But don’t blame me if she runs screaming the next time she sees you. LOL


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