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George knows I love dogs!

Our fan, thank you, Joyce, was the first reader to catch onto my experimental “Ghost” blog. Some you received a ‘blank’ blog notification or two. Yeah. That’s not laziness on my part. That’s a SUBLIMINAL message, and NOT A SCREW UP! Oh, yeah. Just because I’m menopausal does NOT mean I can’t handle my technology!
Anyway, did any of you ‘get’ the message? Huh? Huh?
Well, for those of you who might not be all the way plugged in to the subliminal thing, the Emperor does indeed have clothes. The message was this:
Wendy, don’t feel bad about not inviting me to go with you to the TNT LEVERAGE  (starring your actor husband, Tim Blough) PARTY to meet George Clooney. (I happen to know he didn’t make it…at least not…there).  I’m sure you were simply worried that my extremely hot-cougarness would over-power George and even though he has vowed NEVER TO FATHER CHILDREN (a pity worthy of another whole subliminal blog) that he would sweep me off my feet, and adopt all five of my children and perhaps even my hubby, who, when he’s not cutting off digits is a super swell guy and very handy to have around the house!
The ‘blank’ blog was my attempt to load a super-secret video of me and George dancing at ANOTHER party that I didn’t invite YOU to, Wendy. Yeah. Me. And George. Cutting a rug. Trippin’ the old light fantastic. After this blog, I’m gonna give loading the video another whirl. So, if any of you get ‘blank’ blog notices, I guess you’re just gonna have to mind-meld with your computer or use your imagination. 

Until then,
Carolyn and George (and our puppy, George Jr.)

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