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Leverage Wrap Party, part II, and…George Clooney is MY Boy Toy, Carolyn

Wendy here, continuing with my report on the Leverage Wrap party.  First, though, a note on Carolyn’s most recent post:

While I am somewhat saddened by my blogmate’s attempt to pull the wool over our reader’s eyes attention whore, I can, I suppose, understand where she is coming from midlife crisis and forgive her this single aberration pattern in an otherwise eminently sane menopause descent into madness.

Carolyn, I love you, sweetie, but please–George Clooney posing with a pug?  PIG. He likes pigs. Can we admit right now that your picture was photo shopped?   Maybe you were feeling a little, oh I don’t know…sick with envy?  But I can’t help that my life has turned so freaking glamorous.

For those of you not eaten alive by jealousy….

My Fifteen Minutes of Someone Else’s Fame, Part Two

Okay, so Tim and I got out of our car at the Governor Hotel.   On the way in, he pretended to pick more dog hair off my butt.  [He’s such an animal.  Obviously my 10 Minutes-A-Day To Firm DVD has been working wonders.] We took the elevator to the fourth floor, where two very nice normal-looking girls put paper “Leverage” bracelets on our wrists.  They were the last normal-looking people we saw for four hours.

Feeling giddy, we walked into the party, where lights created giant “flames” that licked the walls beneath the word LEVERAGE.  Images of the cast and crew were projected on a large screen, an incredibly complete bar was set up, and tables of food lined either side of the room.  I get the reason for the bar, but why bother with food?  The place was packed with young actors and actresses.  No way were they gonna eat anything remotely resembling a calorie.  Apparently size zero actually exists.  I had no idea people could look like that without being airbrushed.  Flawless.   And that was the men.  The women?  Remember I told you that my husband sat in the makeup chair next to Elisabetta Canalis?  Well, he kept pointing her out to me at the party…except that it was never her.  Elisabetta Canalis is otherworldly gorgeous; Google her if you don’t know what she looks like.  Several of the women at this party looked like her.

The Leverage Cast stood right in front of me during the blooper reel that was shown.  I could have pinched Timothy Hutton’s tiny bottom.  (I didn’t; I was saving myself for George.)  They seemed like a very nice group of people. Continue reading

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