Bathroom Humor

Okay, I admit it.  I had to get away from the stress of my love triangle with Wendy and George Clooney.  So, I went to Germany with the hubby.  Figured that was far enough away from the pain.  Imagine my surprise to find that they’d heard of Georgie in Germany.  Damn that man’s allure to the masses.  

Anyhow, this was my first time in a non-English speaking country.  I don’t count France, as they didn’t speak to me anyway.  Nor do I count Los Angeles, as I do habla un poco Espanol.  So, I was eager to learn the German lingo.  Fraternize with the natives.  I’m not exactly fluent in German, unless you count frantic hand signals and loud, impatient shouting in English, but I did manage to expand my vocabulary a tad.  They’ve got some funny stuff in Germany.   

I think my favorite is…   



I kept seeing this sign fly by as we zipped down the Audubon at about a thousand kilowatts (whatever) per hour.  And, when I wasn’t soiling myself at the sheer thrill of achieving warp speed in a Toyota, I was laughing my Aus off at the sign.  I mean, what was the purpose?  Should we pull over to enjoy the specified “area” to break wind?  Seemed inconvenient.  Not to mention crude.  It wasn’t until my last day that I discovered Ausfahrt means “Exit”.  My new favorite word.  I use it liberally now, when directing people to my house.   

BTW, George, I live just off the 2nd Ausfahrt in a town called Butteville.  Come On-a My House, baby.  



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5 responses to “Bathroom Humor

  1. Hope you’re having a ball, babe…know you’ll have some great stories (besides this one) when you get back!

    Hugs, Kaylin

  2. Rosemary

    Okay, Now I expect some stuff on the topic that we shared at Tiller!!

  3. And I live on the first Ausfahrt…oh just take the first left after you leave…um…Estacada 🙂

  4. Ausgezeichnet! Und sehr lustig, auch!
    (Thanks for giving me a use for four years of German. 😉

  5. And while you wondering all about the “Ausfahrt” signs, I was wondering why they didn’t have “Einfahrt” signs, because finding some places is not all that easy.

    Didn’t love that fact that you could never seem to get from “here” to “there” without asking someone? At the end of each village is a little sign telling you the name of next village. You could drive all day without ever knowing if you were getting any closer to Munich that way.

    For your amusement:

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