Aloha. Oy.

I have not blogged for a while because I was out-of-town. Maui to be exact.  I planned to do a lot of writing while there, but alas, just couldn’t work up the energy.  Too busy trying to connect my liver spots by the pool.

I go every year with three girlfriends: the lawyer, the engineer and the model (used to be Miss Kansas).  They could all be models, actually, so laying by the pool next to them in my swimdress-that-doubles-as-a-puptent is such a treat.  So relaxing.

These ladies (all in their late 40’s/early 50’s) enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn and guilting me into ‘walking’ with them.  For me, this equals four miles of morning angina, before a peppy trip to the gym for some heat exhaustion, then, back to the suite for a delicious breakfast of air and coffee.

After breakfast it’s off to the pool to do what we call “assume the position”.  For them, this means baking to a delicate golden brown.  For me, it means profuse sweating coupled with heat stroke which I valiantly stave off by rolling into the pool every so often.

At lunchtime, we experiment with new and exotic ways to use Crystal Lite drink mix.  This year, we tried it on fat-free popcorn.  Interesting bouquet.  Fruity.  Light.  Disgusting.

Of course since popcorn has a nearly 90% glycemic index, we had to do four more miles of angina before dinner.  Dinner is time to splurge with a handful of veggies and a movie.

I came back 7 pounds lighter.

Halloween fixed that, though.  Got the old glycemic index back on track in one simple evening.  Until next year, of course.  Aloha.



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2 responses to “Aloha. Oy.

  1. Jill Foster

    Gotta love that Crystal Light!

  2. You really should travel more with me, sweetie. I would have slathered myself with good old zinc oxide, turned pink as a shrimp anyway, and then retired to the room for a nice nap. Why? Because I care about YOU. I’m not gonna make my Carolyn feel bad about her lovely self like those superhuman blond friends of yours. That photo looked like a Miss America reunion. I would never do that to you. Pinkie promise.


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