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‘Hard day? Unwind with SOMETHING UNEXPECTED by Wendy Warren, book two of the nationally bestselling miniseries Home Sweet Honeyford…where life is sweet, and the buzz is all about love. Available in March from Silhouette Special Edition.

A note from Wendy:

I have a confession:  While I have no clue what Lady Gaga sings, I can whistle the themes (in their entirety) to The Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, Here Come The Brides, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and My Three Sons. 

I would gladly move to Mayberry (if it existed, and I could convince my family to live without a mall.) Remember how those great old shows depicted community?  Neighbors were friends, friends were family and people’s foibles made them more lovable.

Working on my new miniseries for Harlequin/Silhouette Special Edition, I wanted to create a world that would draw the reader in as one of the gang.    It’s my hope that each book in this series will give you that delicious life-is-good feeling.

And now…time for our weekend I Love Lucy marathon.  My husband bought me the DVD set with every season AND footage of Vivian Vance winning her Emmy–the best gift ever!



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