The art of the arm fart

Hi, Everyone!  It’s raining–surprise!–in the Pacific Northwest.  Actually, the warm drizzle and gray sky are upping the cozy factor tremendously.  And, hey, who needs more sun spots?

My daughter is home with a nasty cold, so as we prepare for a cuddly day at home, I thought I’d inaugurate Witty Wednesday–a day to share the wacky, wonderful, witty or just plain weird witticisms of our pwecious wee ones.  I’ll go first; you go next.  Here’s what we heard at our house this week:

Daughter:  “Dad, do you arm fart?”

Dad:  “Not since I married your mother, honey.”

Daughter (looking at me and shaking her head sadly):  “That’s such a shame.”

Okay, share:  What have the little people in your life said?

Wendy…off to watch Dora….


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3 responses to “The art of the arm fart

  1. Arm farts!? You know 7 humans and 3 dogs can create a bit of a methane gas problem in a household. This is a fantastic solution.

    That does it. We are going green. Arm farts only, everyone.

  2. Sam Jacobson

    When I was in law school, I also worked and my secretary dropped some materials off at my apartment when one of my law school study buddies was there. Her 4 y.o. daughter looked at my friend, who is a person of color, and said, “You’re purple.” Loved it then, love it now.

  3. Ooh, Sam, I do love that, too. So sweet and so open!

    We gotta get together some time!


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