George Clooney is single!!

If I could only decide between the too hot mamas. Eenie, Meanie, Miney...

I know, I know, I promised that Wendy and I would be updating you
all from the Big Apple. But, we didn’t have time. As we were leaving for the
airport, the news broke that George Clooney was newly single, possibly in Manhattan… and the race was on.

It’s obvious that the boy is barking up the wrong tree with these super-skinny, super-attractive, super-young, super-models.   And, now that he’s 50, we’re guessing he’s
going to realize the error of his ways and start looking for a well-seasoned,
less-than-perfect woman to provide arm candy.
We think a little cellulite and some wrinkles are fine, because hey, we’re
not perfect, either.

So now, the question is, me or Wendy?  We asked our husbands and since neither of them seemed threatened in the least, it’s a horse race.

When we weren’t stalking Georgie Porgie Puddin’ Pie, we took a ton of pictures, visited 5 states, actually DROVE IN MANHATTAN (thank you, Darla, you rock), met with agents and editors, talked book deals, ate waaaaay too much, walked barefoot in Times Square at midnight and laughed ourselves half silly.  We came home speaking with distinct New York accents and are energized and ready to write.

Wishing you all a fab 4th!

Carolyn Clooney

Sounds good, huh, Wendy?


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3 responses to “George Clooney is single!!

  1. Weeeell, actually, my friend, sister of my heart, Caroline Clooney sounds a tad cartoony. Can you feel it? Caroline Clooney Cartoony. Just imagine the headlines: “Looney Caroline Clooney climbed over a subway turnstile in Midtown Manhattan today…”

    I’d like to save you from a lifetime of ridicule by selflessly nominating me, yours truly, as the sole menopausal candidate for George’s affections. Don’t thank me; it’s a service I’m only too pleased to render.


  2. Traveling with the TooHotMamas is a kick in the pants. There certainly were more than a few conversations about Sir George, and an incident involving a subway turnstile. But I must say, I think – though the Mamas are ‘hot’ – Mr. Single-To-Pursue-A-Woman-More-In-His-Own-League Clooney should choose a more mature woman who’s not so gung-ho on all that wedding ring business. That could be any of us, so here’s me, throwing my slipper in the ring, too 🙂 Move over Mamas, you’ve got competition 😀

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