Moms Say The Darnedest Things

Heard this week from my mom friends:

“If I see you trying to drown your brother one more time…”

“Don’t hit your sister with that lizard.  That is not nice.  That poor lizard.”

“Well, how did you get bird poop in your cereal?  You’ve been inside all morning.”

“Buddy, please don’t rinse your mouth again with that water.  That’s where the geese go poo.”

Your turn!  Share some crazy mom talk!




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2 responses to “Moms Say The Darnedest Things

  1. Sam Jacobson

    Does crazy context count? I was taking three dogs for a walk in the forest and they were being very rambunctious. After they ignored my oh-so-polite requests to settle down, I found myself yelling at them, “If you don’t settle down right now, I’m going to pull this car over!” Talk about channeling my dad! Plus, hardly a punishment for three dogs that want nothing more than to have me pull the car over (and of course, let them out). I cracked myself up over that one.

  2. ROFLMAO–Oh yeah, that counts, Sam. Hilarious!


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