The Best Dessert You’ll Ever Eat…or The Best Kiss You’ll Ever Have? Take the survey and WIN





It’s time for Winning Wednesdays at Too Hot Mamas.

All righty, you’re menopausin’–pre, peri, in it, post, whatever–the point is you’re sweaty, a little ticked off in a permanent way, you’ve got kids, a job, you’re tired, so if you could choose only one of the following, which would it be:




Reply and we’ll enter you in our bi-weekly drawing for a five-buck STARBUCK’S gift card.

Too Hot Mamas will answer this, too, of course.  We’re an open book.  But we want to hear from you first.

Carolyn and Wendy


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5 responses to “The Best Dessert You’ll Ever Eat…or The Best Kiss You’ll Ever Have? Take the survey and WIN

  1. Joyce

    Dessert – Anything titled “death by chocolate”

  2. Darla Luke

    Best dessert, for sure! Chocolate Mousse, hands down, do not pass go. Okay, now you’ve done it! I’m craving a rich, make-your-teeth-hurt Chocolate Mousse. :-/

  3. Rhonda S.

    Well between the two, hands down, I would love a romantic, passionated, never ending ” best” kiss. But between kids, home work after school schedules, dinner, clean up, man down on couch, kids homework, showers, man now passed out, dead tired mom, fall into bed at 12 am only to have one last run to the bathroom by kids and dogs, now fall alseep by 2am, only to wake up with sun in room, me being the one-eyed jack, breath smelling bad, kid on one side saying”have you seen…..”, roll over to find my bed mate with equally bad breath but it my mini poddle willing to kiss me regardless, my husband whom did make it to bed at one point but is now up making coffee….ahhh yes I long for those days that made me want to marry my husband, his kisses are what made me fall in love….now my “best” kisses are that moment when he is walking out the back door to work,
    before I yell at the girls “lets go, you are going to late”, he leans down kisses me on the cheek and says see ya tonight, love ya…it our moment together….it is as sweet as it gets,,,,and it makes my day!

  4. Joyce and Darla–Two hot thumbs up for anything chocolate!!!!
    Joyce–you might want to try the brownies on my (Wendy’s) website: Dar, I wonder how they’d taste gluten-free. I bet they’d be yummy with ground almonds instead of flour!

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Rhonda–Love it!!!! You just described all our days 😀
    Hope to see you here again!
    Too Hot Mamas

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