No-Labor Day

So, the whole point of Labor Day is to stop laboring, n’est-ce pas?  And yet, I have had three phone conversations already this morning (it’s only 10:17 a.m.) in which already exhausted mothers have told me what they cooking, what they are cleaning and what they are making their husbands do to prepare for the BBQ they are having/pot lucks they are attending later today.  Holiday?  I think not.

We mamas need to practice the art of relaxation.  In countries that honor the tradition of the siesta, they practice relaxing every day.  Then again, I’ve never been to one of those countries; maybe the women are busy fluffing pillows, preparing snacks and drinks and just generally busying themselves while the kidlets and menfolk snooze.  I mean, in England someone’s gotta make those cucumber sandwiches for high tea, right?

I don’t know the last time I relaxed, truly relaxed for an entire day and evening.  Do you?  Today, I’m going to make a chocolate zucchini bread and pasta salad for our block party, sort through my daughter’s clothes and prep our lunches for the start of school (and my school-year writing schedule) tomorrow, file the paperwork that has collected and apparently procreated in my office, clean the nasty bathroom and wash the dog.  My husband is at Home Depot right now, picking up lumber to finish the kitchen remodel we started a year and a half ago.

Labor Day.

Maybe it should be called No-Labor Day, thus avoiding a mixed message and allowing us all to r-e-l-a-x.  What are you not doing today?

Too Hot Mamas wishes you a Labor Day filled with friends, family, laughter and a whole not of nuthin’ else!


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