Wendy says good-bye to her 40’s…

Wish you were here!

This morning, I got a message from Chase on my cell phone:  Credit Fraud Alert!   Did you attempt to steal $160 on your credit card?  If yes, reply “yes”.  If no, please reply “no”.

Are they serious?  Why on earth would I admit to trying to steal money if I had stolen it?  Why on earth would I admit to trying to steal the money, if I hadn’t stolen it?

That’s what I call a lose/lose kind of question.

Because I am in Maui to celebrate the birth of my dear sister/friend, Wendy (yes, it’s that time of year again) I went to the store and bought a weeks worth of groceries and supplies, but neglected to tell my credit card company I was on the move.

Anyway, today is Wendy’s last day of being in her 40’s.  Tomorrow, she moves into her 50’s with the rest of us.  I’m just so sorry she isn’t here for the big party I throw for her every year.

Tomorrow, I’m going to announce my amazing gift to her so you’ll want to stay turned!




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3 responses to “Wendy says good-bye to her 40’s…

  1. Ginger

    So let me get this straight, Carolyn. YOU are in Maui celebrating the birthday of your dear friend Wendy, who is NOT with you and won’t be able to attend the party you intend to throw for her???? And you do this every year? Hmmmm, Wendy, I annoint thee “Queen for a Day” and hope you have a super fabulous birthday here on the mainland.
    Love you sweetie

  2. Ginger, I don’t understand it either. She is just such a beautiful person, sending me off to the islands every year without her…oy vey! And she stays home, to silently endure another year’s passage on the mainland. Yes, I’ll abdicate my Queendom for this very special day. Happy Birthday, Wendy!!! Welcome to the best decade of all!
    xoxoxox Carolyn

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