Just Write It

Writing a novel with a tight, two month deadline with 5 kids 3 dogs and 1 husband in the house leads to some interesting conversations:


“Not now, darling, I’m in the middle of killing someone.”

“Honey, where are my car keys?”

“I…uh…huh?  What are sharkies?”

“What’s for dinner, mom?”

“I don’t know.  What did you make?”

I have written on a plane, I have written on a train, I have written when I’m hot, I have written on the pot.

I have written during a meal, I have written as I deal, I have written as I walk, I have written as I talk, I have  written as I sleep, what I write has made me weep.

What I write has made me glad, what I write has made me sad, but what does all this mean to you?  It means it’s something You can do!

You can do it when you’re busy, you can do it in a tizzy. You can write it as you fight, you can write it late at night.

Write that book, just write it now.  Take a look, I’ve shown you how.

There is no excuse as you can see, for not writing.  Just ask me.




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4 responses to “Just Write It

  1. And November is “write a novel in a month” month. There’s actually a name for it but many libraries (mine included) host a spot to write and support throughout the month.

  2. I write (in my head) quite a lot when I’m in the car. My husband thinks I am mad at him because I am so quiet. I let him think that.

  3. Sasha Knight

    Great post, love it. Plenty of writers complain (myself included) that they don’t have time. Well as we all can see if you really want, or have to, you’ll find time. Thanks again
    Sasha Knight

  4. Very well said, Carolyn! And timely … feel like I’m just coming out of a long sleep, and ready to start back writing regularly. Just Write It!! will be my new mantra.

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