It’s a…book!

Some of our dear readers have wondered why our bi-weekly blogging schedule has slowed to a bi-annual pace.  Well, this is top secret, so be sure to burn this blog after you read it, but we are writing a book together!

What? You say?  A book?  Tell us more!

Thought you’d never ask.  Yes, by now, you are all aware that left to our own devises, we don’t get a lot of writing done.  But put us together?  Sheeeeewie!  We still don’t get a lot of writing done, but at least it’s twice as much as before!  Not to mention a heck of a lot more fun.  We just finished and turned in our first novel and will have all the details here on the blog soon.  Since it’s a series, we are already hard at work writing the second one.  Sort of.  We’ve been busy.  It’ll get done.  About 30 seconds before the deadline.



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5 responses to “It’s a…book!

  1. Sam

    This is fabulous! I’ve missed the blog posts (hilarious!), but I’m so glad that you two are co-writing a book (books!).

  2. Ginger

    OMG, it’s about time!!!! Spill. We want all the details…who is publishing this NYT Best Seller; WHEN will it be released; when and where are you doing your book signing? I’m in line for the first copy. And you’re already working on #2….whooohooo. You go girls!

  3. Jill

    Happy “it” is finally done…may get my friend back TEE HEE! Congrats on getting it done and on starting #2…Looking forward to all the info and of course reading “it”!

  4. Rosemary

    Yay….now maybe I will see you this summer!!!!

  5. Cara

    Best of luck Clever Girls!

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