Hi, everyone!

It’s Wendy, one half of two hot mamas, back from a maternity leave that consumed all of 2014.

Yes, that’s right: Just like Sarah in the bible, I became a mama again when I was not merely “too hot,” but practically charred. It was a miracle, although not quite like Sarah’s.

This “baby” was birthed via adoption, and she was almost five. Carolyn was there the whole way, acting as our doula, helping mother and child to make it through some rocky times while my husband worked out of state for most of the year. Frankly, Carolyn saved the adoption more than once.

Along the way, she and I fulfilled two more dreams—writing a book together (we’ve published a combined total of fifty novels on our own, but never before collaborated), and home schooling our tweens. And, she got her three oldest settled in college/early college and jobs.

We meant to blog during all this; we really did. But, let’s face it: We were lucky to shower—

Aw, crud. I knew we forgot to do something.

Well, anyway, we’re back now. Look for fresh blogs every Tuesday (and reruns on Thursdays…unless we’re napping).
Happy 2015,

–Wendy and Carolyn


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  1. Sam

    Hurray, you’re back! Looking forward to your future blog posts . . .

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