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 11 Best Menopause Blogs of 2012

Menopause has never been as entertaining as it is with these top blogs. From holistic or allopathic remedies to political or personal savvy,these witty and delightful blogs share companionship, medical news, practical tips, and comforting encouragement for readers experiencing the “change of life.”

Charming, sassy, and no-nonsense (well, maybe a little bit!), these menopause blogs will have you wondering what women of a certain age did for advice before the Internet gave voice to these fantastic bloggers. So check out the best blogs, and see why they deserve a spot on your favorites list.

 Too Hot Mamas

The cheeky collaborative of two Too Hot Mamas, this blog chronicles life as a journey through “Marriage, Motherhood, and Menopause.”Wendy and Carolyn, friends and co-authors of this irreverent tribute to the struggle of womankind, bring their talented writing to bear on the humorous (if sometimes challenging) ups and downs of life in the ‘hot flash’ lane.

These Too Hot Mamas have fun with everything from Photoshop to menopausal lists, all of which will actually make you glad you can commiserate! Check out their site for a daily dose of hilarity and a splash of romance novels on the side.

Visit the blog at:

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